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Farewell to our long-term students … Cheerio!


Over the last couple of weeks, we have had to say goodbye to three of our lovely long-term students with whom we have had a year filled with a lot of fun and unforgettable memories.

Our two Qatari students, Hamad S & Hamad A, spent 39 study weeks with us and received an IELTS qualification they needed for University. Lenka, from Czech Republic, studied for 50 weeks in total and received the Cambridge PET qualification and is now working towards passing the FCE!


When they arrived at Babylon, their English was at beginner level but thanks to their hard work, studiousness and persistence they improved amazingly and left us confident in their communicative skills and hundreds of new experiences.

We will never forget Lenka’s charismatic and infectious laughter; her funny selfies which were part of every social programme.

Hamad A’s cheerfulness and sense of humor, and his special relation with his smartphone which he called his ’wife’. Hamad S and his multitasking skills; he was able to send messages and listen to the teachers at the same time. The teachers tried to catch him out but never could!


The next few weeks will certainly be strange without you guys and we will definitely feel your absence. We wish you the best of luck for all your plans and hope you will come back one day soon!

Although we are very sorry to see them leave, we also have a reason to be happy since we can welcome a new student, Dominika, Lenka’s friend, who came to replace her as an au pair and also her vacant space in one of our English classes. We wish her the same progress and fun as our leaving students.