Booking Terms and Conditions

1.Payment Deadline.
Students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), who will require a visa to study with Babylon in UK, are required to pay their fees in full before Babylon will issue the confirmation of
acceptance for studies (CAS) or a student place confirmation letter, which students will need in support of their visa application. For students from EEA countries a course place will be confirmed on receipt of a deposit of 50% of tuition fees. The balance of course fees, agreed transfer fees and a minimum of 2 months of accommodation must be paid in full no later than 28days before the course starts. If a booking is made less than 28 days before the course starts, these fees are immediately payable. If payment in full has not been received, you will not be allowed to start your course.

2.Visa Information.
It is the responsibility of the student to arrange all applicable travel permits or visas and to have a valid passport and leave to remain for the whole period of study; if the booking is made through a Babylon representative he/she will assist you with this. The student may be asked to make payment in full prior to the issuing of any of the visa documentation referred to below. If your course application is accepted, we will provide a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies to support your visa application for Tier 4 students or a Confirmation of Enrolment for Studies for students
who need to apply for a student visitor visa.

3.Travel and Medical Insurance.
All students enrolled on a Babylon course are covered by Babylon’s Studentguard+ commercial travel insurance policy. This provides cover for, inter alia, course cancellation/curtailment, medical expenses, personal belongings and public liability; benefits and terms and conditions are published on the Babylon website. Cover commences on receipt of full payment for the booked course.

4.Health Declaration.
Students must report on their application any mental or physical illness, allergy, disability or condition that may interfere with their ability to successfully complete their programme or that may impact the health and well-being of any other student, host or staff member or that may require special arrangements. Babylon reserves the right to reject an applicant or terminate a student’s enrolment in the programme if the student’s continued participation represents a risk to their health and safety or to the health and safety of other students or staff, or if, notwithstanding reasonable accommodations, in the opinion of Babylon, the student’s physical or mental condition makes the student unable or unlikely to successfully complete their programme. Refunds in such circumstances are at the discretion of Babylon. Students should note that, as a Grade 1 Listed Building, The Hall cannot be modified for easy access or provision of specialist elevators. Persons with mobility problems should take this into consideration when booking courses with us.

5.Tuition Fees.
Tuition fees include lessons, orientation meeting, use of School resources room and internet, placement and progress testing and a Babylon certificate on completion of the course. Babylon reserves the right to withhold the granting of a certificate attained by a student if tuition fees or any other fees remain outstanding, or if ther conditions are not met.

6.Additional Services.
Any additional services (transfers, travel, telephone costs, excursions, medical costs, special diet, exam fees, change of accommodation and enrolment amendments etc) are not included in any fees unless specifically stated on a valid invoice.

7.Twin Accommodation.
At Babylon’s discretion, students may be required to book single room accommodation instead of twin room accommodation. In such instances Babylon may, it its sole discretion, waive the difference in cost.

General Terms and Conditions

8.Legal Jurisdiction.
Students’ arrangements with Babylon are governed by the law of the United Kingdom.

9.Arrivals and Departures.
All accommodation is booked from the Saturday or Sunday before the course start date until the Saturday morning after the course end date, unless otherwise advised. A partial week may be counted as 1 week’s accommodation. Students arriving between 22:30 –6:00 may be asked to book alternative accommodation in a hotel on their first night due to late/early arrival at accommodation.

10.Late Arrivals and Absences.
If you begin your enrolment late or are absent during your course, no refund will be made for the time missed. Periods of absence cannot be made up with a free extension of the course. Vacation dates are pre-built into the Academic Year and students cannot make changes to these dates; this applies in particular to the two-week break over Christmas and New Year. Breaks taken at other times will be marked as periods of absence.

11.Meals and Classes Missed.
No refunds or substitutions will be made for meals or classes missed due to exams, excursions, first day orientation or other obligations that fall outside the normal schedule.

12.School Stand-down and Public Holidays.
Babylon operates a seamless school year with the single exception of the 2-week break over Christmas and New Year, when the school is closed and no classes held.In addition, classes are normally not held and school facilities are closed on public holidays.Dates of the Christmas stand-down and of English public holidays are published on the Babylon website.All published course
start dates fall on a Monday. If the Monday is a public holiday, the start date will fall on a Tuesday. Compensation will not be made for classes not offered on public holidays.

13.Long Course Student Holidays.
Students on courses longer than 6 months are entitled to take a 2-week study break every 6 months; the mandatory 2-week Christmas stand-down counts as one such break.Students are required to give Babylon at least 4 weeks’notice of their intention to take a 2-week break at any other time.The teaching time lost will, subject to any visa restrictions which might otherwise prevent this, be added to the end of their course at no extra charge although the additional accommodation charge will still be payable. The accommodation charge over the period of the study break will still be payable unless the room is vacated over this period (and all possessions removed).

14.Substitution Policy.
If, after the placement test taken on arrival at the school, a student is found to be at a level which is not appropriate for their booked course, the school reserves the right to place the student in an appropriate level class, which may have fewer lessons and a different curriculum. Students who do not have the ability to follow any course on offer may be required to terminate their studies with Babylon. We also reserve the right to cancel courses at short notice due to insufficient demand.

Babylon has the right to change prices due to tax increases, governmental actions or other events beyond Babylon’s control. Prices are as published at the time of booking on the Babylon website.

16.Change Fees.
A minimum of 4 weeks’ notice is required for any change to the type of your course or accommodation. If you request a change of course dates, accommodation or programme type after your course has started, you will be charged a change fee of GBP60, which is payable at the time the request is made. All changes are subject to Babylon’s discretion and require approval by the Director of Studies. Babylon is not obliged to fulfil any change request. You will not be charged a change fee if you extend your course. Any change of tuition resulting in a reduction in lessons will be
treated as a termination of the existing booking and rebooking, 3BTL Form 235 -BSL Student Enrolment Ts&Cs V4 May 15 and will thus be subject to the standard terms & conditions governing terminations (see ‘Termination Policy’).

17.Books and Learning Materials.
Students will normally be expected to purchase their study books and learning materials. Where books are provided on loan, a book deposit may be charged at the beginning of the course. This will be refunded at the end of the course if the books are returned in good condition.

Any student who commits a criminal offence, violates the student conduct code or school policy, or has, in Babylon’s opinion, a poor attendance record (whether or not such attendance is in breach of any visa attendance requirements), or fails to pay an amount he or she is directly or indirectly liable to pay Babylon in order to undertake the course, may be expelled or suspended. No refund will be given and the immigration authorities will be informed.

19.Student Code of Conduct.
In accepting a place to study at Babylon, you agree to abide by the student conduct rules and other policies while attending Babylon. These rules and policies are detailed in the Student Handbook, which is available from any Babylon representative and from the Babylon website and you will be provided with a copy at the start of your course. As part of Babylon’s commitment to our students’ success, we seek to provide an optimal learning environment and expect students to conduct themselves in a manner that is considerate of those around them. Inappropriate conduct includes but is not limited to:
1) disruptions to the learning environment (i.e. use of profanity, harassment, mobile phone use in classrooms, etc);(2) deliberate destruction, misuse, or theft of Babylon property or the property of fellow classmates; (3) violence or threats of violence or aggressive behaviour towards persons or property of students or Babylon staff; (4) improper use of email or Internet access; and
(5) failure to comply with local copyright or criminal laws forbidding the misappropriation, copying or alteration of copyright-protected materials.

The liability of Babylon, and its directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents and partners with respect to losses arising from negligence (except where such liability cannot be excluded as a matter of law), breach of contract or otherwise will be limited in all circumstances to the full amount paid to Babylon by the relevant student for the particular programme.Such companies and persons will in no circumstances have any liability for indirect or consequential losses or damages.

21.Force Majeure.
Babylon will not be liable in cases where Babylon is unable to fulfil any services to which they are contractually bound because of fire, natural disaster, act of government, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labour disputes or other reasons which are beyond Babylon’s control.

22.Student Visa in UK.
Student and Tier 4 visa holders are required to provide Babylon with a current residential address and telephone number at all times, maintain satisfactory academic progress and attend a minimum of 80% of their course. If ten teaching days are missed the student will be outside the terms of their visa and will be reported to the UK Border Agency. Students who fail to show up for their enrolment or with less than 80% attendance or who miss ten days will be reported to The Border Agency.

Information collected by Babylon which personally identifies a student and information regarding a student’s course progress may be shared with British government, and with Babylon staff and representatives. This information may include personal and contact details, course enrolment details and changes, and circumstances of any suspected breach by the student of any visa condition.

23.Refund Policy.
Refunds will be made via the Babylon representative to whom the fees were originally paid, or, if no Agent was involved, to the student’s bank account in the same country in which the fees were originally paid. All refunds will be made within 30 days of written notification. In the event of Babylon cancelling or terminating a course, a full refund of all unused fees will be made.

24.Cancellation/Postponement Policy.
‘Cancellation’ means cancelling a course booking before the start date of the first course you have booked.Cancellations must be made in writing (by email, fax or letter). Refunds will be payable as detailed below dependent on how long before the start of the course the written notice of cancellation is received by BSL:a.More than 14 days before start of course. Refund of all fees paid less for £80 registration fee and any courier fees paid.b.8-14 days start of course.25% of tuition fees plus registration fee and any courier fees paid will be retained by BSL.c.0-7 days before start of course.50% of tuition fees plus registration fee and any courier fees paid plus 1 week’s accommodation fees will be retained by BSL.BSL will apply discretion in the application of this refund policy and may relax the requirements in the light of particular circumstances. Depending on the circumstances you may be able to claim against BSL’s Studentguard+ insurance.

25.Refunds for Students Requiring a Tier 4 CAS.
If a Tier 4 visa has been refused, the refund policy will be the same as above subject to the provision (through your Agent) of the following supporting documentation:
a.An agent certified copy of the visa refusal letter (GV51);
b.An agent certified copy of the your passport showing both a photograph and signature;
c.Where the payor was not the student, an original authority letter from the student authorising payment of the refund to the payord.Where you are already in the UK, satisfactory evidence to BSL that you have left the UK.BSL reserves the right to retain all fees should the reason for refusal be unacceptable and could be used in any way to damage BSL’s UKBA status.

26.Termination Policy.
‘Termination’ means stopping or leaving all or part of the course or courses booked, including extensions, once the first course has started. When determining the number of weeks completed, a partial week will be counted as a whole week, provided the student was present at least one day during the scheduled week. Used weeks of discounted tuition and accommodation packages will be charged at the full brochure weekly rate when any refund is calculated.In all cases additional service charges (eg airport transfers, courier fees, enrolment fees, medical insurance, accommodation
placement fee, programme supplement fee, etc.) are non-refundable and written notification of termination must be given to the Director of Studies. Students who terminate their programme may not be eligible to receive a Babylon certificate.Depending on the circumstances you may be able to claim against BSL’s Studentguard+ insurance. Refunds will be payable as follows:


No refunds will be made for tuition. Tuition fees are non-transferable to other students.In all cases where a student terminates his or her studies the relevant immigration authorities will be informed in accordance with current UK legal requirements.


Students must give 4 weeks’ notice in writing to the Director of Studies of any intention to vacate the accommodation before the end of the booked period. A refund will be made of the unused accommodation fee less the applicable accommodation change fee.