Salisbury History & Heritage

Old Sarum

Salisbury has a long history and remains of the city’s past can be seen throughout the city still to this day. The original site of the city can be found at Old Sarum. Old Sarum was originally an Iron Age hill fort, reused by the Romans, Saxons and Normans. However in around 1220 a decision was made to relocate the city and the new Cathedral was founded around two miles south. What remains today are the ruins of the old castle and the foundations of the original Cathedral.



Modern day Salisbury

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury has lots of offer students of all ages. We take all our groups on a guided walk of the City and sometimes on visits to the Cathedral which has the highest spire in England and is home to a copy of the famous Magna Carta from 1255.

The city of Salisbury developed in the medieval times with the Cathedral at the heart of the city.

The centre of the city is still laid out in a medieval ‘grid’ system and many of the streets still retain their traditional names like Blue Boar Row and Fish Row. There are many buildings which you can visit to find out more about the Medieval history of Salisbury including St Thomas’ Church and others in the Market Place. which has been holding regular markets since receiving its charter in 1227 and you can discover


Learn more about Salisbury’s history on a visit to The Salisbury Museum, where you’ll find interactive exhibitions and galleries including the Stonehenge gallery, or by joining Salisbury City Guides for one of their regular city walks departing from outside Salisbury.

Nearby Places to Visit.


The World Heritage Site of Stonehenge is just eight miles north of Salisbury. Outstanding exhibition galleries at the Stonehenge visitor centre explain the stone circle’s historic context and are well worth visiting.

We take all our young learners groups to visit Stonehenge and include a lesson on the history and importance of this amazing monument.

If you happen to visit during June you could take part in the Summer Solstice celebrations.

A visit to Salisbury would be incomplete without a visit to Salisbury Cathedral.

  • See Europe’s oldest working clock,
  • Britain’s tallest spire,
  • the best preserved of the 4 surviving original copies of the Magna Carta manuscripts dating from 1215 AD
  • if you have a head for heights, then a tower tour is a must for spectacular views of the city.

We have an award-winning museum

  • Salisbury Museum housing many artefacts from Salisbury’s past including the Stonehenge Gallery
  • Rifles Museum – a military museum dedicated to the Berkshire and Wiltshire regiment.

There’s Mompesson House, a Queen Anne style house with beautiful courtyard garden, and just two miles north of the city is Old Sarum, the original site of Salisbury.

If you fancy guiding yourself around the city then why not look at getting one of the Treasure Trails guides to Salisbury? Or why not try out the Salisbury Escape Room; Magna Carta Challenge.