Homestay Accommodation in Salisbury

We highly recommend staying with a host family while you are studying at Babylon School of English. British host-families are friendly and welcoming. Your “host-family” could be a single woman, an older couple or a couple with children. Either way, staying with a family will give you the unique opportunity of experiencing the British lifestyle and enhancing your language learning in a relaxed family setting.

We have a large number of high quality families available. In the city centre, the number of good quality home stays is limited and thus some longer travel times may be required. Should the walking time be more than 30 minutes, there will be public transport (bus) available.

Your accommodation will consist of a private room with shared bathroom facilities and your family will supply you with breakfast and dinner. Mealtimes give you the opportunity to engage in general conversation and develop your English language skills. All students will also be able to access wi-fi in their homes. Generally host-families stay in private houses with gardens, while in the city centre most stay in apartments.

Homestay Plus

Homestay-Plus is recommended for older students and for those who would like to enjoy a higher level of comfort. You will benefit from a private bathroom and a generally higher standard of amenities. We have a limited number of Homestay-Plus families available.

Our Residence

City centre residential accommodation is available just a few minutes’ walk from school in a historic building in the Cathedral Close.  We have a limited number of rooms available in our residence for adult students aged 18 and above.

Become a Host Family